An INF2331 blogosaurus

Its Hannah!

Hey team –

I’m Hannah – second year LIS and fallen-off-the-wagon CIS student (sorry Ben). I work at a few campus libraries and take part in a number of extra-curriculars, so you may have seen me around. My background is in Anthropology and Bioethics (which seem like they do’t go together but they kind of do!), so I’m really interested in the ways we interact with books/texts/technologies and how that informs our cultural perspective.

I’m sure a number of you read Boing Boing, but I saw this piece today and thought it was really interesting: It looks like its going to be an ongoing series, so I’m looking forward to seeing what other comparisons can be made between different e-book users and how the e-book market shapes/is shaped by different consumers.

Looking forward to hearing all of your perspectives this semester!


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