An INF2331 blogosaurus

Final Post

And by final, I really do mean final since I am the last one to post.

If I could go back in time and inform myself about the future of books, I would probably go back to 2004. Ebooks began to surface in the public consciousness and working in a public library at the time it would have been beneficial to be aware of how ebooks worked and the impact that they have had in today’s society. As a front end staff member I was constantly bombarded by people joking about how soon my profession would be out of a job (These were the tactless patrons). Others were concerned that they would loose out on the library atmosphere, and that staff would disappear because of electronic books that could be accessed without boundaries such as the library’s hours of operations and location. It would have been beneficial for me to explain what the trajectory of ebooks in the library, and their incorporation with other library services would look like to patrons at that time. I would have also been privied to information about the rise of tablet computing, smart phones and ipads which I think could have benefited myself in a number of other ways but I digress. If I was able to bring a current ebook back in time to prove to myself what they would be like, I’d choose a sports almanac and pull a Marty Mcfly (minus the Biff).


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